Sliding Systems

Centor E3 series  

The smooth operation of Centor’s top-hung E3 bifold hardware has been adapted to create the E3S sliding system. Featuring stainless steel bearings and ground nylon tyres, concealed E3S quietly and comfortably moves aside loads up to 300kg. Use E3S inside or out, for residential or commercial applications where high function is required.

Adjustable Carriers
Two or four-wheeled carriers are fully articulated to ensure that all wheels share the load. Precision-ground stainless steel bearing wheels with nylon tyres make for an unprecedented smoothness of function for substantial siding doors. Vertical adjustment enables perfect alignment of the panel and seals so that sight lines are beautifully catered for.

Floor Guides
A guide channel can be located in the base of the door for minimum disruption of the floors. Alternatively, for strength and security multiple guide points can be positioned on the base of the door running in a floor channel.

Design Flexibility
The operational ease and structural integrity of the E3S system allow for the system's use almost anywhere. The carrier and guide system E3S-based doors are built around allows for simple fixing to almost any substrate.

Lasting Quality
Constructed from stainless steel and engineering polymers, that beautiful first day impression will last a lifetime. Centor's reputation for reliable performance is kept intact by another premium product.